Monday, October 22, 2007

Obesity Averted: But Fat Letters from Schools?

For a few short days last week your correspondent exceeded the self imposed 15 stone limit for health and happiness. Not exactly obese at 6 feet one and a quarter, but hardly four minute miling territory either.

But worry not. Thanks to robust early intervention half a stone has been shed in just a few days. Now only three stone to go to get to a proper racing weight for an old chap. Regular reports may ensue. "Bar" charts and "pie" charts too perhaps?

Is there a blogger weight widget?

Anyway, according to the preamble for the News 24 item about Scottish Schools trialling healthy free meals, chips every day but battered Mars bars on Fridays only, headteachers may start sending letters home stating: "Your kid's a bit fat".

No mention of:
"Your kid's a bit thin", "Your kid's a bit spotty", "Your kid's a speccie four eyes", "Your kid smells of wee", or "Your kid's a ginger nut". This can only be a matter of time. Meanwhile Tory Michael Gove will continue to renounce this nannying of schools and scholars while insisting ties and blazers are worn at all times. Caps too for 'one bugs' presumably?

Meanwhile the children at St Michael's School in Dumbarton - featured in the N24 item showed signs of neither malnourishment nor over indulgence. Few of the kids wandering about Manchester do either. Where are all these fat kids we're always hearing about?

Perhaps, and I'm serious here, it's time to redraw some of these nutrition, RDA, BMI and other charts drawn up by skeletons who'd "never had it so good"?


Anonymous said...

Labour of love, indeed.

This is a love of bollocks.

Chris Paul said...

What is your problem? Apart from gut wrenching cowardice of you and your mystery owner.

And where's your own fascinating and important blog anyway?

Anonymous said...

I seem to have got the wrong end of the stick-insect.

Chris Paul said...

What are you on about Miles??