Sunday, January 28, 2007

Manchester Withington Selection: There are Now Nine No-Nonsense Labour Hats in the Ring

A Famous Five became a Super Six, a Secret Seven became an Eager Eight, and finally a No-Nonsense Nine. Our earlier post has also flushed out all of the names and sufficient information for a LoL googling effort.

Naheed Arshad-Mather OBE with a track record of public service. Based in West Yorkshire. Rellies in Chorlton (in the constituency).
Jane Evans (a correct link?) Not sure if this is a correct spot (Labour Animal Welfare Society). Please use comments to get in touch. Reputedly from Cheadle.
Nargis Khan Executive Member and Lib Dem basher from Hackney Council. Bolton and London.
Qaisra Khan (aka Casra) candidate in Aberdeenshire in 1997. Shortlisted for selection, West Ham by-election. Forest Gate.
Jenny Lennox NUJ Organiser. Two platform speeches in one day at Conference 2006. Manchester Withington (ex Chair of Manchester Central).
Jane Lewis Lay member of Amicus NEC. Bury/Rossendale.
Sandra Moorcroft Election agent 2005 in Aylesbury. Local Government candidate. Buckinghamshire.
Lucy Powell ex-Director Britain in Europe, now Head of Policy and Promotion for NESTA. Manchester Withington and London.
Dr Yogesh Virmani Former academic, community activist, Local government candidate. Manchester Withington.

ACTION SO FAR: Two candidates have nudged in front of the first five to declare all of whom have at least distributed CVs and letters. The four later candidates have quite some catching up to do.


Jane Evans said...

Hi Chris,
Jane Evans! Who? Me!
Yes the link is a correct me and I am reputedly from Cheadle :-)..... Back of the Tatton fwiw, Kingsway School, for those that dare edge further down the A34, though took my first breath in Withington!

Jane Evans said...
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Chris Paul said...

Hi Jane - was the JE related to SCG you also? - best w Chris P

Jane Evans said...

Hi Chris,
I dont recognise a SCG, but my erstwhile dance teacher was Brendan from SCD if that counts for anything! :-)

Matthew Jefferies said...

Is anyone else finding it impossible to choose between all these aspiring candidates? I've received letters and/or CVs from most of them but am no clearer in my own mind who to support, or even which criteria to base my decision on. Obviously I'll be happy to support whoever wins, but I wish I didn't feel so clueless about who to select!

Let's put some politics back into politics said...

For me the important thing is what their politics are and what motivates them.
Do they believe in workers’ rights, social justice, comprehensive education, affordable housing, free health care, integrated, safe and affordable public transport, and do they have the political will to tackle the environment and our abysmal recycling record. (If you think a 28% recycling rate is good you are living in cloud cuckoo land!) Where did they stand on the invasion of Iraq, where do they stand on the Bush/Blair alliance and are they really comfortable about cosying up to business?
I believe that the people of Withington want a candidate who has clear political beliefs, who does not want ‘a career in politics’, but does want to represent her constituents and to stand up for their rights. A candidate who wants to do more than just beat the Lib Dems, a candidate who offers something they can believe in, something more than constant jibes at John Leech which are counter-productive, an insult to the electorate, and a turn off. We have to have a candidate who offers an alternative, and who is prepared to challenge policies that go against Labour party principles.
P.S. Tip to two of the candidates at the hustings on 3 February. References to ‘Miss World’ contests and ‘swimming costumes’ indicate that, although you may know what feminism is, you are not feminists. (Emmeline Pankhurst will be turning in her grave!)

Mark C said...

Intriguing, so you want a Labour candidate that will slag off a Labour government but wont say anything bad about the LibDems?

Are you John Leech by any chance?

Brother J Leech said...

You've spotted my winning formula.
Please don't copy it.