Monday, February 05, 2007

ParburyPolitica: Join The Dots to See Libs Sinking Like a Stone

Parburypolitica is picking up some new tricks, the old dog. The SPSS produced distribution shows how sadly lots of Lib Dems either lose seats immediately or see a drop in their votes. More than half of them polled a much lower percentage in 2005 than in 2001.

Whether they are vying with a government flavoured opponent or a not very resurgent Tory. John Leech's 667 majority has never looked a safer bet to be overturned. It'll take some doing of course as Lib Dems here are renowned for their lying, cheating and stealing. But these charts never lie. He's toast. And I'll drink to that.

FOLLOW UP: Can Mr Parbury please explain immediately why the Diabolical Liberties have so many dots? Or see me after class.


parburypolitica said...

I think it is all the seats that they contested rather than just the LD held ones.

The best bit about it is that the more people know the lib dems qand have voted them in in the past, the less likely they are to vote for them. Bunch of scoundrel wasters.

Chris Paul said...

Don't sit on the face Will.