Thursday, February 01, 2007

ParburyPolitica: Standards Board Excuse Another Racist Councillor

Will Parbury is dismayed that The Standards Board have let off Cllr Turner of the BNP for domestic violence, police assault, football hooliganism and racist chanting. It is not so long ago that the Lib Dem Mayor of Settle Cllr Heather was let off after assuring a conference of Black and Ethnic Minority RMT members that he wouldn't roll out his usual "coon jokes".

The Tories are of course legendary, and at times wax lyrical in this area of endeavour, up to and including the Dave/id Cameron inspired 2005 Manifesto and Campaign.

Labour of Love are still waiting to hear what words were spoken by that ever so nice Evening Standard reporter towards the end of the taped exchange with Ken Livingstone. No sign of the probably very nasty remarks on the tape or the transcript submitted to the court. The Judge laughed the Standard out of court when they claimed that Ken was lying over the content being grossly rude to himself and the lovely paper, now owned by former Mosley-backers, sadly failed to produce the missing link. Can anyone provide details?


Chris Paul said...

Another thought. Someone can get chucked out of the Big Brother House for thick racist comments and possibly have their career destroyed. Councillors can get away with similar and keep pocketing their allowances and being elected representatives. Shome mistake surely?

Searchlight said...

The Lib Dem man and his ilk are far more invidious. They pretend to be nice but they are real racist bastards. At least most of the BNP ones are honest to goodness thugs.