Friday, February 02, 2007

Political Betting: Dunfermline, Withington

Very interesting thread HERE about the shock by-election win for arms profiteer Willie Rennie MP. The last 50 minutes of the on the night thread are reproduced. Even after a result was known people were betting on Labour in case of a recount.

This reminiscence about a betting market failure was prompted by Manchester's win on the casino front.

The comments on the retaking of Withington strand show signs of Lib Dem trolls. John Leech MP has stood up with Rennie for his ridiculous, given his history, tilting at cluster bomb windmills.

For my money BOTH these crooked characters will lose and lose badly next time. In Withington the swing in local elections has already been SIX TIMES that required to get rid of lightweight Leech. Even minor Tory recovery would see them dead and buried. Nothing to grin about.


Adele said...

''Will they have any ‘troops’ left by the time the next election comes around/ or will all the Labour Students have flown out to Iraq/Afghanistan as ‘volunteers’, seeing that Tony B’s appeals to the NATO countries are falling on such deaf ears?''

Whoever said that is a grade A lib dem prat.

Chris Paul said...

Yes Adele, let's conscript the NOLS careerist tossers, every one. (joke)

Chris Paul said...

Seriously. Can anyone relate instances of Lib Dem councils who are in sole control or in coalition (with Tories natch) who have held referendums on whether to agree or disagree a £1.3 Billion in first ten years investment (which is admittedly 7% casino) in their areas?

The one time methodist bishop Cllr John Leech MP is calling for a referendum on the Cazy and I wouldn't be surprised if he joined Greenwich in taking Manchester to court.

Lib Dems really do hate Manchester Labour success that much.

Adele said...

No Chris they just hate Manchester.