Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trade Unions: BNP's "Solidarity" Work Sets Us Free

Dizzy picks up the Labour MP for Blaydon, David Anderson, claiming that on the 24th February, the BNP will "effectively be recognised as a trade union by the certification officer".

Dizzy goes on to follow the Telegraph in making out that the BNP are in fact lefties. But one of his correspondents calling themselves 'Charlotte' says they will join this union not run "for the benefit of marxists", which rather screws Dizzy's analysis.

The BNP are divisive communalists (on the south asian or old Nazi model) and fascists rather than "white-power socialists" as Dizzy asserts. A genius adds the following comment:
"Though it (the BNP's fascism) may be based on an illusion of worker interest it is of course in the interests of the few not the many, commencing with a divide and rule and common enemy format as dog-whistled by the Tory strategist Dave/id Cameron for 2005 before he became a Cuddly-Nu-Tory."

Thorough story on the stage Solidarity is at from Searchlight who also cover the BNP's subversion of Trade Union participation in Holocaust Memorial Day 2005.

HERE the Telegraph covered the story of the BNP's newspaper being printed by a Saudi owned firm alongside a host of Arab and Muslim publications.


dizzy said...

Doesn't screw my analysis at all... she's wrong, as are you. Read the BNPs manifesto... they are anything but right wing. Fact.

Chris Paul said...

This is dull. Believing the BNP manifesto would be very foolish indeed, surely? I've read a lot of these things. They are not believable.

England First had a website like a Tourist Board with old Saxon crosses and the like. But delving deeper and it all comes out.

What on earth is left wing about Holocaust denial? Or forced repatriation? Or banning trade unions and other parties? Or homophobia as policy? Or Collett talking about winning by fighting on and controlling the streets?

They are anti-democratic. They are racist. They are extreme Nationalists. They hate Europe. They hate "otherness". They have a real problem with women and gays and blacks and irish.

Your friend is wrong because TUs aren't run for the benefit of Marxists. But she's right about the BNP being of the right.

Charlotte said...

Interesting read, not least because everything you write is written through a filter of lies and propaganda.

I could say that because the Labour party has more than its share of ex-communists and Trotskyists that they are to blame for every Marxist genocide there has ever been.

I went to my first BNP meeting 2 weeks ago and your version of them is about as far from the truth as it is possible to get. No skinheads, no swastikas, just ordinary people fed up with the direction this country is taking. In fact I can't remembering anyone swearing, never mind making any racist comments. When NG took a Q&A there was not even an immigration question.

The good thing is that people no longer take any notice of the propaganda that you people put out and they are slowly waking up and finding out the facts for themselves. It is great to see what you fear in action...DEMOCRACY.

Chris Paul said...

Tory trolls, Lib Dem trolls, Labour trolls, and now finally a BNP troll, name of "Charlotte" usually found lurking on Tory sites. Welcome Charlotte. Enjoy your time with these criminals and ne'er-do-wells. Do come back and tell us when your illusions are shattered and you either read some of their rants or see Collett controlling the streets with his jackboots or bigging up the Blackshirts.

Poor, innocent Charlotte. Now entering a Charlotte's web of deceit and infamy.

Anonymous said...

Much of the "thorough" article from Searchlight is cribbed from a misleading BNP issued press statement. Solidarity is an independent Trade Union. Only one member of the Executive is in the BNP - Clive Potter. Solidarity refuses to politically vet members. Nor does it turn away people on account of ethnicity, fatih or sexuality.

Attempts to disrupt or bully Solidarity or deny its members the right to choose who represents them will be resisted.