Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Withington Selection: Flickr Set, Apparently Including Readers' Spouses

LORENZO 23 has added a slightly subversive Flickr set to the Manchester Withington post commentary below.

Next, I reckon, this so called Lorenzo 23'll be blogging it. The more the merrier.


lorenzo23 said...

Oh I'll be making a few entries Chris. But I'm relying on you for all the latest gossip, who gets the nominations, & etc. LoL is compulsive reading these days. Just let the Guido Fawkes thing lie, it's been 400 years. Local logs for local people.

Chris Paul said...

Yo Lorenzo. It has been 401 years. But that didn't stop George Galloway's Respectees getting in a right royal mess over it in Tower Hamlets, November 2006.

Long live the "Guido Fawkes thing"!

DrHuq said...

Hi Chris, good to see that the Withington-up boys (Eddie Newman and your good self) haven't lost their looks.

Chris Paul said...

Aw shucks, thanks Dr Huq. You should see Lorenzo 23. And probably will before long.