Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yates of the Yard: Watertight or Completely Donald?

Has Yates of the Yard got his ducks in a row? On Thursday LoL reported the second questioning of Mr Blair but unlike the Tory bloggers included the news that police sources were also saying they may not have much of a case.

Martha Kearney reported this nuance too on Newsnight. While it's pretty clear that all the parties are pushing the envelope of the rules it does look like all the horse-trading of loans, gifts, Ks and Big Ps may have been entirely within the current law.

Today's Guardian reports extensively: Blair can't go early; Blair deftly passes Humphreys grilling; yet Labour still fears charges. Towards the foot of this third piece which reckons CPS and learned counsel may be pushed very hard, despite what police sources have already briefed is a bit of a thin case, Tony Wright is quoted:

The police should not be worried if they are not going to charge anybody over this because they have already done an invaluable service in shaking up the body politic by investigating in this area.

Whatever happens there will be a full enquiry by the Commons public administration committee which this Labour MP chairs.

LoL still think this epic rivals Moby Dick and that Yates, Fawkes and Cameron may end up sleeping with the fishes on this one.


Adele said...

Chris you missed a good night at the Alan Johnson meal last night. All in all a very pleasant way to spend a Friday evening.

Chris Paul said...

Excellent news. Made my day. Now send me some top gossip obtained at said meal >> direct to my inbox >> or I'll not believe you.

Marvellous selection event in Withington today, natch.

Adele said...

Erm, Alan Johnson is really nice and charming.