Monday, April 23, 2007

Fibdemologists Trilogy: Rats Sinking a Ship of Fools

Although a ridiculous fibbing Lib Dem story about rats thriving as a result of a supposed decision to change the bin collections was rebutted weeks ago ... TODAY in Burnage, they're still ratting away with their rubbish story. Whereas in Chorlton they're just pretending they're responsible for Labour's planned plastic and cardboard collections. They must think residents are stupid. As well as "bastards" and so on.

This is a particular paradox here because in adjacent Lib Dem Stockport they have far more rats per square metre as they make residents put out rubbish in plastic bags instead of robust and rat-proof wheely bins.

Clearly as residents recycle more and more and more, not to mention reducing and reusing, there will be less and less unsorted rubbish. It seems that Lib Dems don't have the imagination to see that one day - but not today, tomorrow or the day after - this will reduce demand for collections of unsorted rubbish.

BACK TOMORROW to add images. Got rats, get cats! Do readers want to see our killer Tilley dealing with a Lib Dem rat?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's see Tilley.