Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Big Brother VI: Horrible Onree = Billi No Mates

K Cross Clanster Billi Onree is not only a not very secret MySpace listed Scientologist; he is also apparently - and barring Councillor Kerron - a Billi No Mates, gaining fully double the nominations of any other housemate.

In an interesting twist both Billi and Charlie were disciplined for speaking about nominations after the fact. Their own nominations were discounted as "punishment". So bizarrely Charlie ESCAPED being up for nomination BECAUSE she had transgressed. Nicky was also saved from the vote.

As long as no one suggests that Endemol or Channel 4 are corrupt and wanted to keep these two wildcards in the house.

Meanwhile Dave's Part reports the New Statesman Diary:

"At no point did Carole Vincent consult the SWP leadership about joining the programme," declares the commissar, "and it is not part of our strategy to enter BB in order to manipulate the media."

At least they're not scheming Trots like Anatoly Baranov! They are? Only they're not joking. Oh well. Party discipline is everything. Carole should toe the line. Though she's right to worry that missing two night's sleep could have caused calamitous weight loss. I'm so glad they've packed the sleep deprivation task in.

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