Friday, October 12, 2007

YouGov Britishness Poll: Plus PM Trust, Plus NHS

Speaking of polls, and national identity, and all that stuff there is quite a poll running at YouGov at the moment. Including loads and load and loads of funneling questions on Britishness.

Northern Ireland and Ireland incidentally are not mentioned at all whereas England, Scotland and Wales are. Interesting questions on trust etc re Brown
and Cameron.

And there's a corker (below) about moving house to a "good NHS catchment area" and how much would it be worth. Which good areas would probably have included Maidstone and Tonbridge for all I know before the debacle there.

Perhaps it still does when it comes to prescribing for some things? You'd have to know what treatments or drugs or services you were going to need to be able to judge which ones tick the right boxes. Which ones will get to trial the treatment you want.

Postcode lotteries we have known. If we decide to devolve choice to regional and local forces and local clinicians and local people they will make different decisions on priorities. Don't do it! I say. But if we do, and if unlike myself you support that principle, then you are picking up both ends of the stick.

The end that says freedom and choice and localism. And the end that says local rules, local choices and difference.

ANYWAY: YouGov pay an absolutely tiny amount for people to respond to questions great and small. From 50 pence to £2:50 a whirl. Mostly 50 pence for about five minutes. There are blogs from the likes of Mr Kellner hisself, and prize draws, and forums/fora. You can join here if you wish.

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