Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anti Heroes: Voldemort, Charming, and Cameron

What do you know? All the talk of selling Voldemort and the Sun Dance Kid at half the price was a cover. ASDA are selling at 27.5% = £5. I'd not be surprised if Mr Cameron pops up near a crowd of wizard worshippers somewhere tonight - like the beaming personality-cultist Guilderoy Lockheart - before heading off to Rwanda.

Am I the only one who noticed the accidental parody of a Brown-Cameron PMQs in the third in the Shrek franchise (right)? The Scottish-sounding true-heir has been captured and slapped in irons while the English toff Charming pauses to monologue before despatching him and claiming the crown.

The humble and eminently reasonable Shrek wins the day. Hands down. CameronCharming is Dragon's toast.

DISCLAIMER: Should this observation save Mr Steve Bell's day on the currently tortured GB cartooning front ... this is nothing but nothing to do with me Gordon. (Steve: Cheques to the usual address).


Anonymous said...

Finally, some movement on Sudan from Brown:

Chris Paul said...

Good, will take a look. Meanwhile Cameron is in Rwanda - making some PR films.

Anonymous said...

Is Harry Potter also an ant-hero?

Chris Paul said...

Follow the ant-hero link (to David Lindsay's) to find out what I think of Rod Liddle on Potter and also to discover "Mr Jack London's" main orbit.

Meanwhile, can anyone help LOL decide which cabinet members are the donkey and the puss in boots characters?