Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dizzy Thinks: Bloopers Bloomers Bifurcate

Dizzy has spotted an error from The Times this "momring" (sic). Fortunately Dizzy is completely immune from errors hisself, innit?

Once when we were producing City Life magazine in its early irreverent days we received a compelling legal threat between pasting up the last news pages and making the plates. The printers also got served with the letter before action. They bottled it. We left the headlines, the pictures and the captions and left white space where the story had been.

White space sells they say. Did The Times have a story they pulled late?

No blogging for the next few hours. I'm now off to a funeral.


Newmania said...

Are you not employed at all then , as a general rule ?

Chris Paul said...

I am an undertaker.

Chris Paul said...

Seriously, if you would like to offer me work or see my current CV please contact me offline my friend.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the ever so level headed Newmania understands what bifurcate means. You've upset the poor muppet.