Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ealing Southall Communalism: Some Clarification

My posts about the non-selection of Cllr Gurcharan Singh have attracted considerable attention, some sinister, from communalists of several stripes. So here is a brief clarification of my position on the subject:

1. I don't know Cllr Gurcharan Singh personally from adam. But as soon as this by-election was called I did begin to collect information on the likely proponents. Gulcharan's history is and was extensively documented for the post-Google years, and is old in song and story from back in the day;
2. My belief was that Cllr Singh could win selection but that his baggage could make him a rotten candidate and a rotten MP if he survived the storm. So I was pretty pleased that he was carved out of the selection. As pleased about that as Gurch' himself was pleased that none of the women candidates made the cut. That was his consolation. And this was mine.
3. After Cllr Singh's defection, and presumably before the local government by-election that follows as he gives the people a chance to back him or sack him as a Tory, I gave a run down of these issues as a generous gift to his new masters, or slaves as may be.
4. This exposition attracted attackage from Sikh hotheads, and also unwanted supportage from other hotheads, Hindu hotheads I'll be bound, pointing out various robust Sikh interest websites and making unsupported generalised, dare I say racist?, assertions about both Sikhs and Muslims.
6. For the record I am dead set against the communalism of the Sikh Federation and its dire threats of electoral retribution if a visible Sikh (that is a man from Uncle) were not selected. I am also dead set against the communalism of all other sectarian ultras. I am set dead against the communalism of Nick Griffin and the BNP too. Not so different.
7. When our local Lib Dems kicked out their sitting candidate Yasmin Zalzala in favour of the weak and wilful John Leech I was among those protesting the loudest and the longest at the rationale in some quarters that as a black, asian, muslim, woman she could never be elected. What rotten bad eggs they all are in the Lib Dems.
8. And when it comes to the mayoral chain thing? Yes, indeed, my Sikh sock puppets, why should not Gurcharan Singh support Sikh brethren in Paris in protesting against French Secularism? That is not the issue. The issue is whether the Mayor of a London Borough has any mandate to wear his chain of office in such a protest. Ditto a Jewish Mayor, or a Muslim Mayor, or a Hindu Mayor, or a Christian Mayor, or even a Secular Humanist Mayor getting communalist with their chain of office.

Communalism. I'm agin it.

Meanwhile a blog friend has fingered the likely source of some of the interference:

Your anonymous spammer has an IP that traces to Dulles VA, which puts them as most likely an employee of the Washington DC-based Khalistan Affairs Committee. Professional lobbyist/propagandist a la GIYUS.

So there you go. Sectarian spooks in Washington, DC and Dulles, VA are taking an interest. We are indeed blessed.


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