Monday, July 23, 2007

Far Right Politics: Silver Bling Intercourse with BNP

Saturday's Daily Mirror has caught up with Unity's exposes e.g. here and here about the Silver Bling Thing (SBT) case of a schoolgirl in court, the commercial links and ramifications, and ah yes the links to the far right.

Denise Pfeiffer aka Piper (sprawled chastely above) is the "27-year-old" (sic) who has she says reached 37 as virgo intacto while sharing the bed of BNP parliamentary candidate Clive Potter (inset left).

Denise's CV includes being a marketeer and PR for the intending SBT profiteers and for BNP anti-gay campaigns, being a sometime lingerie model, being an Emmerdale etc etc walk on, being a journalist, being a US jailbird as a stalker of the family of Jordy Chandler the child involved in a court action against Michael Jackson, her bail of £10,000 paid by ultra lefty Lynn Redgrave followed by a suspended sentence, and of course a long time Michael Jackson fan. Most of the last decade spent as a 25-year-old. Very talented. Very complex.

Boyfriend is apparently some combination of very patient, very asexual, very gay, very erectorally challenged, very heavy duty Christian fundamentalist ... or perhaps a lying conniving money grubbing shag nasty BNP parliamentary candidate Clive Potter.

Hat tip: Lancaster UAF.


Anonymous said...

Clive looks a bit jaundiced.

Chris Paul said...

Come on anonymous. This is a fairly typical complexion for the master race of Leicestershire.

But all that is needed now for this story to be complete is for the virgin Denise to reveal that as a naive 15-year-old and following an immaculate conception she gave birth to terrible twins.
Like those singing Nazi sisters in the USA.

jack london said...

Mmmmm, Lancaster UAF.

Let me stand up for this.

It is run by a unemployable trot who has given up on positive politics (if you can call the SWP 'positive') and retreated into his bitter and twisted imagination.

His mam and dad christianed him Ketlan!

On Harry's Place, he talks about his "research".

Based on this and the Croatia non-story in the Observer on Sunday (supplied by very same Lancaster Uaf) he graduated from the University of Searchlight.

With (dis)honours!

Chris Paul said...

Ah well, thanks "Jack". LOL already tread lightly around such leads. This one was nothing but a link to a mainstream press story.

But is there anything about the story here or on Unity's site that gives you pause for thought? Is any of it wrong? Or is the fact that the link which alerted me to the Daily Mirror story - presumably that stands up does it? - was at a UAF site the owner of which you don't like?

jack london said...

It's a story so thin that I can see through the other side.

The parents of the girl who fought to wear her chastity ring at school belong to a religious group, one of whose members once posed in her undies and has a platonic relationship with a BNP candidate.

Now if he was a Labour minister I could see the relevance to Daily Mirror readers, but not with this.