Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fog on the Tyne: All Clear on Skerne and Wear

Over at Political Betting Mike Smithson must be very pleased with his £200 at 6-5 on Labour having less market share than 58%. And he has got a good price of 33-1 on a Lib Dem win. And what's more the "squeeze" leaflet they have produced is plain talking. But it just won't work.

Telling these good folk what's happened in Newcastle is a reminder that their man is a Geordie usurper, which, from a party of fetishist localists would seem to be a schoolboy error. And geographically it's almost as bad as telling people in Ken Clarke's patch in Rushcliffe, Notts that there are no Tories in distant Manchester.

I wouldn't bet on Tories in this area giving up on their tribal allegiances. But if they do it may well be to clobber the Geordie-Yorkie (Thanks Alan) rather than Labour! I think Mike's bet on market share should win but there was free money at 3-100 on a Labour win ...


Anonymous said...

Stone ain't no Geordie; he's from Yorkshire.
Which is far worse in County Durham (well, it is/was in the Crook/Willington area anyway).

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Alun I guess he's an adoptive Geordie. A cosmopolitan Newcastle councillor telling Co Durham folk where to put their cross.

If he's a Yorkie too that is of course much. much worse. Getting away with it in Newcastle - where welcoming a Yorkie is part of their claims to be an international city - but a Yorkie-Geordie-Lib-Dem who cannae decide whether to wear specs or lenses - out of the question in County Durham.

And he has a Manc drunk running his campaign?

Fun, fun, fun Chris P

Chris Paul said...

Clearly the Tory could be 4th or 5th in this one.