Friday, July 27, 2007

Gerald Kaufman Plays His Joker: But First Those "Spunk Loving Sluts"

Above we have Hamer Shawcross' minds eye as he imagines George Galloway and Harriet Harman consumating their long-held respect and admiration. After gallant George apologised in advance for name checking the Desmond title reproduced coyly above. His point? That HMG possibly had a bit of a cheek criticizing his fundraising methods when monies had been accepted from the pornographer.

Hamer tipped his hat to Devil's Kitchen who had first doffed his to the puritanical Flying Rodent. As one of them said GG's absence is not really going to bother the scorers given his batting and bowling averages.

But - you're asking - where does Curly (below, as a chuckle brother, to me to you) come in? Well, Gerald was George's warm up man with 15 seconds of wit and repartee preceeding 76 minutes (count 'em) of George going "me-me-me-me-me". Here it is:

Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton) (Lab): Mr. Speaker, could you advise me of what procedure there is, when a Member of this House has been responsible for activities which have cost the public £1 million, for bringing him here on a charge of wasting police time?
Mr. Speaker: That is certainly not a matter for me.

Hamer ended his post with something about it reading back as a little mad. But that was before he read this one.


el Tom said...

"Gerald Kaufman Plays His Joker: But First Those "Spunk Loving Sluts""

Pisspoor attempt to grab readers, chris. ;o)

Chris Paul said...

Any grabbable readers readers will surely have had their fill over at Hansard?