Monday, July 02, 2007

Grandee Gives Game Away: Lit Sunrise Sunset

Owen Jones' Labour Fightback site is an instant hit with the disenfranchised Labour Left. In this post he repeats the essence of a secret briefing from Michael Heseltine which certainly deserves wider circulation. Tories exist to serve the interests of the Bullingdon Dining Club classes and their job is to "Con" enough gullible people turkeys to vote for Christmas.

The big question raised by his warning of a plausible Tory victory allowing "direct rule" by these interests rather than one mediated by Labour is why he would then channel a persistent, ongoing assault from within our party.

Meanwhile LOL posts about Ealing Southall are generating a torrent of email tidbits from all corners.

Not just the usual suspects. Keep 'em coming.

EALING SOUTHALL TRIVIA: The Lit clan, dad Astar (former Independent and then Labour supporter) and son 'Tony' (wannabe Labour, Lib Dem, now Tory candidate), have renamed the building in which Sunrise Radio lives, Sunrise House, and they've gone on to rename the street Sunrise Road. They may have had to buy the road to do that I think. For now this is still in the Borough of Southall. But be afraid, be very afraid, as Owen might say, we could be headed for Ealing and Sunrise.


Anonymous said...

Chris , Owen is more than able to defend himself from your thoughts on his excellent blog. However, I'm going to answer this anyway.Because I'm pretty fed-up at your left-bashing since Brown acceded to the throne.
He is not attacking "our" Party. He is attacking the right-wing clique who are now governing in Labour's name. So forgive us for not applauding when Tories with anti-union beliefs are allowed into the Govt - and principled socialists are treated like lepers. And "sorry" for not being delighted that GB plans to crush labour Party conference and stop what's left of the democratic process. Excuse me also for not being impressed that GB doesn't make the obvious link between terrorism and our foreign policy mistakes in Iraq/Afghanistan ( several more deaths in the last 48 hours).Oh, before I forget, not too impresed either at Shaiun Woodward (only Minister with a butler) Roy Hattersley and your good self may think it's a new dawn but there are many who don't.And we will carry on saying so.

Chris Paul said...

You are just whining on and on and on as far as I can see. This is not a dialogue. It is a diatribe.

I'm not calling for delight. I'm calling for you to catch Brown doing things right if you can.

Simply cannot see where your publishing your thoughts in the way you are contributes to your objectives as far as I understand them.

And which I largely share. It the strategy, tactics and actions that discourage me. Not the aims.

Anonymous said...

That's rich. The snarling, narrow-minded and partisan viciousness of this blog gives plenty of reasons not to vote Labour.