Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gurcharan Singh: What a Difference a Day Makes

Luke Akehurst has spotted that the Gurch' Lurch to the Right has impacted on his web presence.

Posts welcoming Brown and bigging up Blair have been removed. Even the man's appreciation of Piara Khabra is no more. But through the wonders of modern science LOL can reproduce them all here:

This Link Sadly May Not Work!
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 19:40:44

Gordon Brown today stepped in to fill the shoes of Tony Blair as the new Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister of Great Britain. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a prevalent feeling that the metaphorical shoes themselves are a completely new pair!

I am full of hope for the future as this to me signals the beginning of an era where the Labour party can consolidate its leanings over the last few years and move forward with a new outlook based upon positive change. We progress.

On behalf of myself and those who are kind enough to consider me their representative, I would like to wish PM Gordon Brown all the best.


"I am full of hope for the future" - Indeed young man. The future's bright! The future's all LIT up!!!

Perhaps there are some comments here? Onwards and upwards.

Sadly this link too is a busted flush
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:52:38

Earlier today, Tony Blair took part in what was to be his final appearance as the key protagonist within Prime Minister's Question Time. It was an event that proved emotional not only for those present but undoubtedly millions across the country. Reactions to which I believe will manifest across the entire human emotional spectrum from negative to positive.
However, I would like to believe that the majority of people will like me, have a genuine appreciation for the fact that up until the last moment, he remained dignified, astute, forever able to deliver a suitable response to a unique situation and of course, a pleasure to observe.

I have met Mr Blair in person on numerous occasions over the last few years. From those interactions the impression I took away was that he was a man committed to doing what he believed to be right at the time. Unwaveringly.

Despite all the spin, internal innuendos within the party and of course Iraq, he remained staunchly dedicated to the people of Great Britain and for this he has my firm admiration.

I do not want to use this space to write Tony Blair's political obituary or provide comment and analysis on each of his many political milestones nonetheless, I would be hard pushed not to draw attention to his following achievements:

Peace in Northern Ireland;
Minimum Wage; and
Work time regulations.
The very fact that he was given a standing ovation from most quarters within the House of Commons, friend and foe, was testament to the impact he made during his tenure as Prime Minister. If I were to call upon my limited vocabulary to sum up his feats in one word it would be remarkable.

Cllr Gurcharan Singh meets with Prime Minister Tony Blair 26/06/2007

Comments perhaps?

Wed, 20 Jun 2007 08:41:07

I first met Piara in 1972, the year I arrived in the UK from India. In my first interaction with him, I was impressed by his burning desire to help create a fair and just society coupled with his steely determination to fight discrimination. Piara was a role model to many, and considered a general force for good amongst the majority of our community.
He will be remembered for the many achievements listed to his credit such as becoming the first Asian Sikh MP. Also the countless efforts he made for the betterment of his constituents. His presence will be greatly missed not only by his peers but also by those whom he served so well and tirelessly.

I pray for his soul and my thoughts are with Beaula and other members of the family in these trying and difficult times.

With respect,

Cllr Gurcharan Singh


This was his first post:
Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:12:13

Hello and welcome to Gurcharan Singh Online. This blog has been created to provide the general public with access to the Ealing Southall Councillor.
Over the next weeks, we will be developing additional sections to this site. These include:

A contact form;
Details of future advice surgeries;
An online resume;
A multimedia section containing previousley released press material; and
Links to relevant websites.
We are always happy to hear any suggestions that you may have regarding the site design and features. Please forward these to


Kind Regards,


Gurch' the Lurch has replaced them all with a convoluted, CCHQ-assisted, attempt at self justification. Fisked very expertly by young Luke Akehurst. Under the suitable title - and a concept Luke knows something about himself! - Self Serving Drivel. (Sorry Comrade, I just couldn't resist).

UPDATE: Shortened by removing the repetition.


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