Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paul Newman: Finally Blogs Something Normal

Islington's answer to Bamber Gascoigne has posted a thirty question, clever clogs, spin doctory quiz.

The fellow is a Tory, a very rude and garrulous Tory at that, and is insistent, despite evidence to the contrary that he, rather than the 99% of people he's not at all like, is the normal one.

But, at last, something useful.

Woodward, Newman, and a small but normal doggie.


Anonymous said...

Despite having some very affluent parts there are next to no Tories in Islington (Boris being an exception). Paul is obvilously very lonley and if Boris was your only source of company it would probably drive you to post blogs like this!

Chris Paul said...

That is of course all possible. I couldn't possible comment. I have noticed though that don't let normal paul - aka newmania - post on the Islington Tory website or the Islington Tory blog. There must be comething abnormal about the rest of them Tories - apart from Boris - down Islington way?