Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pickled Politics: Showing NHS Blog the Way

Sunny gave it some in his post on Ealing and Southall at Pickled Politics yesterday. But it is medic Rohin's thoughtful piece today on Terrorism on the NHS - a subject not covered properly or at all on NHS Blog and the like - that catches the eye.

Dubbed "Diagnosis Murder" it could more accurately be dubbed "Scrubs" as the incompetence of these attempted attacks was phenomenal.

They get their degrees by multiple choice tests and playing charades after all. And as Rohin said in the lively commentary conversation:

You sound like a medic? - you’re dead right that being a doctor doesn’t make you automatically intelligent in a worldly sense. It does, by definition, make you highly educated as it’s a long undergraduate degree with necessary postgrad qualifications. Many doctors live an insular life. But if someone is learned in the arts, history etc, as you mention, does that preclude them from becoming a nutter?

Absolutely not. Consider Dr Harold Shipman. Consider the monstrously well read Dr Hannibal Lecter MD PhD.

On the next tier down consider Mr Hyde - a potty but not strictly murderous doctor of my acquaintance who sadly never reverted to sane Dr Jekyll. Names may have been changed to protect the innocent.

UPDATE: I have added the excellent Pickled Politics to my Blogroll. There is a pattern breaking out that the Terror Doctors are linked to Cambridge.

UPDATE: Dr John Crippen of NHS Blog has explained his predicament in comments.


Anonymous said...

My only comment is why oh why.

Chris Paul said...

If you mean the Terror rather than the Blogpost I'd say that listening to and reading Ed Hussein, who seems a bright young man, may provide answers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

You are absolutely right. I have not covered it as yet.

I have drafted half a dozen posts on it, but I don't know what to make of it.

It is awful beyond words...but I cannot claim expertise on it.

Is it really relevant to medicine and doctors any more than Fred West was relevant to patio builders?

I just don't know, and I am not prepared to trivialise it.


Chris Paul said...

Thanks John

I can see the problem you face. However Rohin has made a good start and you could simply explain your quandary and link to his piece or this one, counsel think-before-you-comment and see what your public make of it.

Rohin (or at least Pickled Politics) are perhaps coming from a different place politically.

But he's faced being stuck and not having the answers and produced something interesting.

Good luck.

Best w

Chris P