Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Political Betting: Betting on Labour Overall Majority

Although No Overall Control still has a very narrow lead (coming above, soon) it is expected that a Labour Majority will become favourites within days, hours, minutes.

If you strongly believe that you can supplement your 6-4 "on the nose" with a little wager on the size of the majority (Coral's prices):

Labour To Have A Majority 1-25 Seats 7/1
Labour To Have A Majority 26-50 Seats 11/1
Labour To Have A Majority 51-75 Seats 14/1
Labour To Have A Majority 76-100 Seats 20/1
Labour To Have A Majority 101-125 Seats 25/1
Labour To Have A Majority 126-150 Seats 33/1
Labour To Have A Majority 151 Seats Or More 33/ 1

You can bet on all the first five options (which are of course exclusive) and get 7-5 on the worst case and 5-1 on the best. This is not quite "free money", as anything could happen in the 96 weeks still to go until the early June 2009 election, but it is a lot better odds than on any super slots at Manchester Eastlands.

UPDATE: William Hill's have started a book on Cameron's successor. About 20 runners with Hague and Davis making the pace. I tend to agree with Mike Smithson that DC could resign, restand and see them all off.

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