Friday, July 20, 2007

Sedgefield Result: From the Horse's Mouth

Stephen Gash, English Democrats 177
Paul Gittins, Independent 1,885
Tim Grainger, Christian Party 177
Chris Haine, Green Party 348
Alan Hope, Official Monster Raving Loony Party 147
Toby Horton, UK Independence Party 536
Graham Robb, Conservative Party 4,082
Norman Scarth, Anti Crime Party 34
Andrew Spence, British National Party 2,494
Greg Stone, Liberal Democrats 5,572
Phil Wilson, Labour Party 12,528

Labour Hold. 2005 majority was 18,445. 2007 majority 6,953 Actually 6,956. Quite impressed with the Tory Graham Robb slamming the negative Lib Dems, the BNP and the Fourth Estate for not scrutinising either the Libs or the Fash crapulence in their pages.

The Northern Echo did take an advert from the BNP but gave the money to charity. That's not good enough. Greg Stone chose to wear his specs. But everyone still wanted to give him a slap.

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Andrea said...

confortable hold as expected.
I expected something more from LDs as there were the 10% of Keys up for grap this time

Anonymous said...

I don't see the turnout in your piece any idea's

Anonymous said...


Miles said...

Newsquest - who own the Northern Echo - have form for taking money from fascists.
Their weekly papers in Bromley in Kent were going to run a BNP ad until the journalists threatend to stop work.
Their printing plant in Essex did produce a BNP brochure - during the Euro elections if I remember rightly.
Jewish readers of the Newsquest-owned Prestwich and Whitefield Guide will no doubt be interested in this news.
Newsquest is owned by US media giant Gannet who's annual profits are usually more than a billion dollars.
Newsquest journalists in Scotland are about to strike. See

Anonymous said...

1 in 10 vote for BNP in Blair's former constituency - being discussed here

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Ah yes Miles all unsavoury stuff taking money off of a legitimate political party.

So what do you suggest we do with the 2,500 or so who voted for the BNP?

Should they be allowed to work? Or receive benefits? Should thay have their right to NHS treatment taken away?

If retired, should they be stripped of state pension entitlements?

Should their children be denied state education?

Should they be sent to camps for 're-education' as happens in countries where the left also has power? (Cuba, NK, former SU)

David Lindsay said...

See my blog where the BNP's saved deposit is concerned.

Chris Paul said...

The paper didn't take the money. They ran the ad with a self righteous editorial about free speech and they gave the money to charity.

Fortunately - TBN - we do not live under the kind of regime that the BNP desire and so peope who choose to protest with the frission of naughtiness cannot be identified and persecuted.

The punters need to realise it is evil they are voting for not just naughty. But naughty too naturally - like false claims of tyres being slashed.