Sunday, July 29, 2007

South Manchester Distorter: Congratulations! or Come on Baby Light My Fire!

Many congratulations to the South Manchester Reporter (SMR) who rushed in where angels fear to tread and published an on site picture of a "millionaire" with a riches to rags story on their front cover, hitting mats on Thursday and Friday.

Having a nodding acquaintanceship with this gentleman for the last week or so and knowing exactly where he was staying - without blogging it - I admired their placing of their hot story ahead of this poor man's well-being. Journalism without fear, favour, or too much regard for facts.

On Thursday and Friday he was nowhere to be seen. And overnight Friday his temporary home was thrashed and burnt to a crisp. Onwards and upwards for our brave local newshounds! The editor's "office" may rove tirelessly between a dozen Didsbury pubs. But he and his crack team nonetheless light up our lives.

More on this great story in the next day or two. In the meantime I also noticed the marvellous balance the SMR maintained on their letters' pages in the very same edition and having just finished "artist's impressions" for my next story the LOL graphics department are now onto that one.

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