Thursday, July 05, 2007

South Manchester Paper: Reporter or Distorter?

Tomorrow is my "day release" post grad course at MMU. But I'll try to fit in some commentary on our local weekly paper. This week they have excelled themselves. The whole of the front cover is devoted to my priority asylum campaign of the moment. With Farhat Khan and her young children granted refugee status our focus has moved to Emiola Fadeyi from Nigeria among other Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST). It is a well written, rounded story.

Inside, sadly, the Reporter/Distorter have allowed three contorted and negative sock puppet letters about a contrived story of theirs from last week to dominate the letters page. To their credit they also print a sample of online comments which feel far more authentic. Not written by Lib Dem staffers, councillors, MPs or their tame sock muppets.

The lead of the three negative letters is going to be a gift. It is built around an issue that I am pretty sure is about to emerge blinking into the light ... Cllr John Leech MP's latest foul hoax on the people of South Manchester. We'll see. But the evidence is certainly building up. Which is grand.

The latest WAST fundraiser is tomorrow (Friday, July 6) at the English Martyrs Social Club, Alexandra Road, Whalley Range. Live music, dance, poetry, songs, and wonderful food. From 7:30pm. Details and to support Emiola or WAST ring 0161 833 8835.

UPDATE: Reporter/Distorter's www DOES NOT yet include cover story. That will probably change in the morning.


Anonymous said...

So do want them to censor letters you don't agree with?
Go live in Zimbabwe.

Chris Paul said...

What are you on abaht? I'd like them NOT to censor letters that John Leech disagrees with.

Is John Leech something to do with Mugabe's reign or terror or the like? He has leant on the reporter to stop their cowardly custards allowing any dissent against his brilliance.

Miles Barter said...

What evidence do you have of bias at The Reporter?
Maybe their big feature on Lucy when she got selected.
If the Lib Dems have their letter writers better organised than Labour stop whining and start writing.