Sunday, August 05, 2007

Boris Johnson: Mayoral Application is a Shambles

Pickled Politics linked to Doreen Laurence reasonably questioning the Boris appeal to most of London's communities. But Iain Dale who will not hear a word against Boris and asks who put Doreen up to it. What a patronising so and so!

The BBC meanwhile have Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler backing Doreen up. This and this are Ken's own response to Boris' obvious lack of suitability, the latter with links including graphic proof of some of his tabloid rattling weaknesses.

Neither Doreen Laurence nor the Abbott and Butler double act have bothered to include Boris' outrageous remarks about cannibals in Papua New Guinea.

This would certainly have supported their case that Bojo is a complete and utter Bozo race-wise, highly unsuitable to greet international visitors to London, and another disaster for toff and fellow Bullingdon Alumnus Cameron in persuading anyone that the Tories are Cuddly and New.

The London paper also link to most pages of Boris' actual application form.

Which is chronic. Where is asks for a very specific account of how much time he would devote Boris writes "quite a bit".

I really do shudder to think what was on the missing page three.

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Iain Lindley said...

I thought that James Cleverly's post on the subject was informed and on the right track, myself:

Chris Paul said...

Well, I can't agree but have posted a link.

ursula said...

Actually, Chris, I think Iain Lindley has a point. BJ's writings can be a little obscure at times for those who never read Classics at Oxford but I didn't sense any underlying thread of racism.

I am concerned though that Doreen may be being manipulated by Ken's spin machine. He's good at that as I'm sure you know. As a previous resident in London I've experienced this on a daily basis. If he's going to tackle Boris on this basis then I think he's playing a dangerous game.

Chris Paul said...

I cannot agree Ursula. I'm not sure what reading classics might have to do with "getting" Boris' hilarious references to these things ... cannibals in Papua and New Guinea anyone? It's like his dumb ass remarks about Liverpool or Portsmouth but on a global scale. Like he has taken on the mantle of the hilarious but not classically educated Bernard Manning. Doreen Laurence is nobody's fool and even if she were encouraged - by the Guardian if no-one else - to renounce Bojo it does not mean he isn't a foot in mouth liability that could be tolerated by Henley but not by London.

Do you remember his crusade for some white rhodesian to be given asylum?