Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great Sporting Moments: Wow! Twice Thrice Wow!

Durham get Hampshire on 0-2 after two balls. With Steve Harmison's substitute Otis Gibson momentarily on a hatrick. And meanwhile Spurs get to 2-0 after just six minutes after a miserable start to the season.

UPDATE: Trevor Jesty, the third umpire, considers overturning the first umpire and giving old Creepy Crawley out which would have left Hampshire on 6-3. The R5 Sports Extra team thought Otis was out and Jesty wrong.
UPDATE II: Otis Gibson gets Peterson for his third. Though it should be four.


Chris Paul said...

MORE: Cricket is a funny old game. For a while I was an umpire in the Lancs and Cheshire league. I did the very same course as yon John Holder the ICB umpire in Manchester c 1980. The new referral to third umpire rule is odd. The third umpire is in effect not judging whether the decision was right or wrong, not a bit of it, just whether - if it were a mistake - it was crass or reasonable!

I this case Crawley - who is still batting - was out. But Jesty decided the umpire had not made a crass mistake. In my experience of playing and umpiring the game no player would claim a small deflection onto the stumps and a run out in the third over of a game or - in most cases - at all unless they had touched the ball.

So I think the decision was a crass mistake. If Crawley becomes a match winner - still possible - this would be a great moment to change the rule!

Beefy said...

Stick to cricket, Chris. You might make more sense than your usual ramblings.