Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hospital News: Tory Party Threatened With Closure

Fair Deal Phil has a handy list of today's dirty dozen of acute medical emergencies and tragic examples of clinical negligence. This culminated in nervous breakdown and physical collapse following a 24 hour period of great excitability.

A hospital spokesperson said: "The official diagnosis was "gross functional overlay" or GFO for short. But I'll be honest this is doctor spin for 'thou makest it all up'. The Tory party is now "poorly but stable". This is doctor spin for 'comatose'. The chaplain is on hand."


Anonymous said...

Lovely banner. May I use it?

Chris Paul said...

Go ahead if you get the chance. If it's on a blog or web please give a hat tip and let me know. Er, but the law society haven't sanctioned this ... and they know a few handy lawyers like.

fairdealphil said...

nice one chris.

is cam having treatment for the shotgun wounds in both his feet?

Chris Paul said...

I think the malinger missed his feet but took out his balls on the richochet. Poor dear.