Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Laurence Murder: No More Fascist Excuses

The Bournemouth Nationalist (no link from me) said...

A loud of lying scumbag, racist, defamatory tosh about Stephen Laurence. I have removed it. Similar is not welcome here. I'm not going to go to moderation but please no repeats. Stick it on your own blog with your full name and address for service of defamation writs, and incitement charges.

Quoting these excuses for a racist gang murder year after year does nothing for Dave's so called "party" and its so called "mainstream status" but it does speak volumes to the thugs (and bomb makers and would be assassins) in suits reputation that the BNP do enjoy.

James Cleverly commented too suggesting that limiting what you don't agree with is not free speech. That would be fair comment if that's what this was about.

I don't agree with racist killing or illegal defamation and incitement. I do not agree with shouting FIRE with impunity in a crowded place and causing panic, mayhem and even death.

If one looks properly at the rights we enjoy - whether ICHR, ECHR, Bill of Rights, putative Brit constitutions - they include rights which MUST BE BALANCED. Some are sometimes mutually exclusive. Free speech is fettered in this country and it has to be to allow quiet enjoyment, right to life, right to trade and so on. Discuss.

But please no defamation, incitement or general nastiness.


The Green Arrow said...

I like you. Stupid but funny.

Labour lies and takes us into an illegal war (again), responsible for the deaths of british servicement and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

And you talk about the BNP being liars. Like I said. Your stupid but funny.

Any comments on the murder by asian racists of BNP activist Keith Brown. No. Nothing in the newspapers either.

fairdealphil said...


your post is spot on the money.

with some of the bile on the blogs over the past couple of days, there's no wonder apologists for boris johnson can't see it's offensive to refer to black people as 'piccanninies' and describe Africans as having 'water-melon smiles'.

we've moved forward since my parents day when that language was accepted. we clearly need to move further yet.

Anonymous said...

fuck off green arrow and take your fascist bile with you.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

I'll agree some of what I said was shall we say controversial, but like I said it was what I heard through the grapevine and also long before I became politically active with any party.

Put your dummy back in Chris, admit you had a moment of unwitting fascism and undelete my comment so everyone can see just how nasty I was. I'll take full responsibility for it. The only people my comment would incite would be the terminally stupid.

How many people have died today in your illegal war?

Nationalist14 said...

I would hope that at some point, this weblog cover’s the conspiracy of silence, concerning white victims of ethnic murderers. If nationalist ideology is quite the abhorrent monster alleged, then surely it can be contested rather than denied a platform. Of course, free speech exists only if one parrots the party line, that my friend is not free speech, no matter those without a voice will speak soon. 14

Mr Golly said...

I can distinctly remember seeing a photograph of Steven Lawrence giving a 'black power' salute, which implies he supported 'black power'. Which of course would make him a black racist, and we all know racists are evil, which means...

Denise G said...

It's your blog, Chris, but you can see what happens when you let these idiots in. Of course, they'll whine and whinge about "freedom of speech" when you stop them, but let them. My own policy is strictly No Platform - my blog, my freedom of choice, end of subject.

Anonymous said...

no platform for scum,chris

Guardian apostate said...

I've no idea whether or not Stephen Lawrence was a member of a black gang. I do know that the picture of him most commonly used has been cropped to remove the black power salute he appears to be making. Regardless, nobody deserves to be murdered. The greatest irony is that had his killers been brought to justice they would have been punished far more severely, regardless of their race or colour, by the BNP. I've never voted for the BNP, indeed there are some of their policies I don't fully agree with. That said having read articles on their website I've found the BNP far more honest and truthful than the Labour party. I used to vote Labour but never, ever again. What they've done and are still doing to this country is a disgrace. Some speech seems to be more free than others to 'leftists'. Fascist tendancies appear to be far more prevalent on the left. For an example of the type honesty and truthfulness I find via the BNP I'd ask you to view this video. The link is to Google rather than the BNP but they were responsible for it. The interviewee, Rajinder Singh, is a spokesman for the Sikh community. In an age when Muslims are forever being given airtime if only this wise gentleman's voice was allowed to be heard. If I do vote BNP in the future this video wil give you a clue as to why.

One more thing, never forget that you're are far more likely to be a victim of violent racism if you're white and British. A fact that the Labour party and it's apologists never seem to face.

Anonymous said...

another fascist to be dumped chris. get a grip they are running riot here

Guardian apostate said...

another fascist to be dumped chris. get a grip they are running riot here

I assume you're referring to me. Are you people for real? Is everybody who disagrees with you a fascist? You just don't see the irony do you. You never debate the points made just attempt to shut down any discussion by screaming fascist, or more commonly racist, as loudly as possible. It doesn't work with me I'm afraid. Watch the video, Mr Singh has got you lot weighed up. You could learn a lot from him.

Chris Paul said...

I'm looking forward to someone producing any evidence whatsoever to go with their vile meanderings and excuses. I'm not going to replace your comment Bournemouth BNP person. But I'm not going to delete these comments just for now.

BNP thugs in suits cannot even read where it says:
"Please no defamation, incitement or general nastiness."

Owen said...

Chris - can we get back to No Platform for fascist scum please?

Guardian apostate said...

Did you watch the video? How about you Owen?

Chris Paul said...

Hi Owen

I'm not going to go for no platform. I'm going to go for occasional punishment beatings of BNP commentators and a certain amount of collecting evidence thereafter.

Best w

Chris P

PS GA GA - why would we watch a video you recommended, saying it'd make you vote BNP, if you'll note even give us your name?

dizzyfatplonka said...

"Stick it on your own blog with your full name and address for service of defamation writs, and incitement charges."

Well said I do admire a man who is willing to admit that the legal eagals of this world are the real scum who have risen to the top and make fortunes out of the death and destruction that is being conveniently wreaked upon us.
Our Orwellian Oligarths have provided these vultures with the perfect feeding ground.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a great example of how dumb the loony left really are. They claim to be the paragons of tolerance and freedom, yet resort to ad hominem attack and suppresion against people who disagree. Their buzz words are "fascists" or "nazis", conveniently forgetting that National Socialism is a product of the left and the tactics of suppresion and demonisation used by them are still being used by the left as this blog clearly shows.

Free speech means free speech for all. You may not like what you hear but instead of suppressing it, why not counter it with reason and evidence?

Doing so takes honesty and courage, traits sadly lacking among the politicians and left wingers who lie and stoop to the cowardice of suppression and demonisation.

It's far easier to ignore counter arguments than to hear and respond with reason. As Voltaire said:

"I may not like what you say but I will fight for your right to say it."