Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leeds West Selection: History for Alison Lowe?

Quite a few firsts and potential firsts for the socialists of Bolton South East. Another beckons for Alison Lowe in Leeds West. Shortlisted last week, Lowe has represented Armley in the constituency for 17 years, taking the seat from Lib Dems in 1990.

Alison is Chief Executive of a medium-sized Leeds based charity called Touchstone. Labour has a 12,810 majority in Leeds West. The hustings is on 14 September 2007.

If the City's 2004-5 Mayor is successful she will become the first ethnic minority woman selected under an all women shortlist. Seen above as Deputy Mayor launching Leeds' status as Fair Trade City with Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP.


Andrea said...

It looks as a quite interesting selection race.
Lowe is a local councillor with some views not in line with the leadership (anti Trident, not supporter of Iraq War, against ID Cards)..:Rachel Reeves has some union support (Unison and USDAW)...Jo Coles is endorsed by Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper

Anonymous said...

Rachel Reeves has an incredibly strong chance. I hope she wins!

Chris Paul said...

Oh come on anonymous ... please come out to play with your real name if you're going to endorse candidates ... or perhaps someone'll out you from your style and taste

... oh go on ... go on ... go on ...

Are Rachel and Jo connected to the constituency Andrea? Is someone blogging it in Leeds?

same anonymous said...

Great thing abt blogs, u don't have to give your name.

Only further thing is how incredibly strong this shortlist is. All 4 are fab!

Anonymous said...

Chris, Rachel lives in the constituency. The local media are calling it a two horse race between Rachel and Alison:


(a different anon to the one who posted above)