Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lib Dem Voice: Hennigan Proud to be a "Fib Dem"

He feels that being called a Fib Dem on a leaflet is a badge of honour and should be used as a morale boost.

David also claims that if they'd had "two more weeks" the Lib Dems would have won in Sedgefield. Really, he does insist that that is the case. Though it is pretty hard to come up with a by-election which was known about to 99% certainty, including the likely range of dates, so very many months in advance. A three month never mind three week by-election window.

I'm looking forward to browsing all the Sedgefield by-election leaflets. Ealing Southall ones are up. Lib Dem ones Here. What a lot of leaflets one can get printed for the permitted budget these days!

It is about time someone stuck up all the Manchester Withington 2005 leaflets at the sister site too ... any offers?

PS Incidentally the Labour leaflets in Ealing Southall DID NOT run the 12 Things You Didn't Know About Lib Dems kind of attack David is complaining of. Horses for courses I guess.


Anonymous said...

What IS the budget for by-elections? Tony Lit even produced a damned glossy magazine with a crossword in it. The photographers' fees for the three main parties could have exceeded the budget allowance. Does no one care?

Chris Paul said...

Think that the Electoral Commission have a lot to answer for when it comes to policing expenses.