Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Libdemologists: A Hotch-Potch of Potty Hoaxes

You couldn't make it up! But as it goes Camden Lib Dems could, with a Recipe for Success. Latest sequel in their Cooking the Books franchise:

Main courses:

- Hubble Bubble
and Squeak
- Focus on Fishy
- Egg on my Face,
Once More
- Chips-on-your-
shoulders with that?
- Yet More Egg on
my Face
- More Egg on my Face
- Two Eggs on my Face
- Egg on my Face
- Another Fine Mess
- Two Race Horses
on my Plate

For Afters:

- Trifling with Truths - Pulling their Puddings - Unjust Desserts -

Hat Tip: Fanny Watson What would your Lib Dem cookbook be called?


Jamie Oliver said...

Fair Means or Fowl

Rick Stein said...

Guaranteed Codswallop!

Rick Stein said...

For afters: Fudge and Waffle

Suz said...

You are having fun aren't you. All you need to do now is to buy it.

Chris Paul said...

Hi Suz Good to see you and be honoured by your commentary. Perhaps will buy it ... perhaps will have one leaked to me by one of my moles ... we'll have to wait and see. And yes, it's just a bit of fun. Unlike John Leech's hospital hoax. Still Dave Hennigan (pictured) will be delighted as he loves it when Labour talk dirty. Chris P

John Leech of Brighton, Caricaturist said...

There's a Lie in my Scoop

Johnny Two Jobs Leech said...

Lay it on a Bit Thick, Gravy Wise