Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ministry of Truth: Ripping Into Mail with Times

Unity demonstrates clearly the Mail's deep and wide disingenuity, based on the full exposure in Murdoch's major organ of the full ruling in the Liarco Chindamo case.

This ruling is not dependent in any significant way on the HRA or even the ECHR. And it throws out the desperate attempt by the Home Office to spin and pin the dog whistle idea of clear and present danger to society on a remorseful and anger managed Mr Chindamo.

It turns out the Home Office represent that this would only be due to mass media overreaction stirring up the retributional forces of unreason. What a paradox! Chindarmo has in fact been good as gold and out on three unaccompanied visits!

Even if it were true - and this clear and present danger would be the test on which he might be deported under EU Treaties of Edward Heath vintage - it would never happen.

Because the same test would keep Learco Chindamo behind bars!

Meanwhile one Tory comment here is berating LOL for making this party politica. That's by simply pointing out in passing that Thatcher and Major were running the country when Learco was getting charming in the first place whereas the party politics free Cameron is trying to nail completely the wrong piece of legislation - not one Edward Heath signed us up to then - as a Labour law, a bad law, and a law to be repealled by your dog whistling horrid nasty Tories.

Meanwhile I’ve hit the spot with one of those, name of Newmania, and got an extraordinary comment in return, accusing me of trying to destroy Iain Dale’s blog … er. by fairly civilly disagreeing with him.

I am reporting this troll to CCHQ, CP Chair and his Constituency Association.

Still no apology for an extraordinary rant, though not so extraordinary by Newmania's standards perhaps.

If you have any Newmania blog crimes to be taken into account please do let me know today. Bloggerheads provides some pointers and background.


Chris Paul said...

Bloggerheads is actually defending the indefensible in that link of mine. Kind of damning with faint praise, but nonetheless helping Newmania out of a Jodie Dunn like hole.

Here's one of newmania's buddies taking him to task.

Anonymous said...


jailhouselawyer said...

I have come across that nasty piece of work several times. He's in good company with the hitch. I believe he also posts comments as more vulgar than a vulcan's vulva, and then posts as newmania telling other commenters what good form more vulgar than a vulcan's vulva is on today.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks John

Do you have any IP back up for the link between maniac newman and MVtaVV?

Best w

Chris P