Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Racist Sentencing: BNP Bombers Get Off Lightly

Some here to begin with. I reckon Nick Griffin himself is making comments on the thread. The Voldemort of British politics leaves a very recognizable and unpleasant rabble-rousing slime trail.

Robert Cottage (right, t'other, another blooming or booming Doctor, is David Jackson) - two and a half years - for possessing 23 explosive ingredients, bomb making manuals, BNP fliers, and cunning plans to assassinate heads of state and foment and carry out survivalist race war.

Stands to reason. Andrew Rowe, 36, a Muslim convert from west London, was found guilty in September 2005 of having instructions on firing a mortar and a secret code. A 15-year term of imprisonment was reduced on appeal to 10 years.

The longest sentence - of Asian Muslims - described at the link is 22 years. Even Andrew Rowe has got off lightly. Terrific. More nazi bombers please.

Hat tip: Mr Piper via Mr Newton. Top picture and Guardian story here.

The expression in law of "favoured nations" never rang so true. LOL Story from 1 February 2007. And Septicisle Story from 13 February, re Koyairs (pictured) vs Cottage.

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Anonymous said...

What nonsense about Rob Cottage on your blog. The State no doubt would have liked him to get 20 years to demonstrate "even-handedness" with Islamic terrorists. But the case was so feeble that was too shamefaced a course even for them.

1) As one of the arresting officers said, he isn't a terrorist, and that has been borne out by these proceedings.

2) It had been claimed that he had "rocket launchers" and the largest stash of explosive chemicals ever found in a domestic dwelling. The rocket launchers, which are merely empty tubes quite useless without the rocket and are the sort of thing people interested in militaria collect, slipped off the radar screen of course. Whatever happened to them? As for these "explosives" we are not talking HMTD, the kind of thing terrorists use - but at most material that could be used in thunderflashes. One expert witness said that these were "touch explosives", used in jump jacks. In other words hardly capable of doing anyone much harm.

3) When it was put to a jury on a charge of conspiracy to cause explosions, he was acquitted

4) Mrs Justice Swift admitted that the "explosives" were intended to make thunderflashes for "deterrent" purposes but claimed that his ideas were "over-valued". Really? Admiral West has said that Britain faces, thanks to mass immigration, a 15 year war against Islamic extremism. Here, given the increase in their numbers, there is of course no guarantee who is going to win, and, as is their wont -the elective dictatorship and its liberal hangers-on, have effectively co-opted the indigenous people of this country into this conflict. We are told that there are 200 terror cells and 2/3000 suspects. We are told that there may be chemical, biological, radiological attack. Muslims rioted quite extensively in 2001.

So therefore on what basis can it be claimed that Rob Cottage's ideas are "over-valued"? If he is indeed paranoid then who has made him so?

5) Mrs Justice Swift gave, as her view, the possibility that "innocent" people could have been harmed. Rob Cottage sought to defend himself and his property. If there was a screaming Muslim mob underneath his bedroom window trying to batter down his front door and he lobbed a thunderflash into the middle of them the chance of innocent suffering would have been exceedingly small.

6) In view of the threat level the state has admitted to maybe they would like to say when it is permissible to take a few "deterrent" measures in advance. Or is everything to be left to them, in which case it will probably be all just-too-late. Terribly sorry old chap!

7) Rob Cottage had a cross-bow, that's a far more lethal weapon than these ridiculous "explosives", but that's apparently ok.

8) This case was essentially a crock of shxt, and the state has fallen flat on its face.