Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rock Salmon: Newquay's Man Eaten Shark

Tosser and doorman Kevin Keeble claimed to have taken a picture of a Great White Shark off Newquay. He has now admitted this was a prank. He is yet to admit that the picture - taken in South Africa - was not even a Great White. Subeditors have missed the obvious headline above as sharks (Porbeagles) caught in the area last week have made it straight to the plate.


yawn said...

Someone who's met Chris Paul described him as the sort of guy at school who would intensely annoy everyone until someone finally punched him and then, as soon as they were out of earshot, he'd say "well, they were a wanker anyway".

I think that sums him up quite nicely.

Chris Paul said...

Brilliant! You should be on the stage.

spot the waste of space said...

Just spotted this one, Chris. I did warn you though, didn't I?

You're a waste of space.