Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ARTSCLUSIVE: Arts in Mind at Brick Lane Gallery

Art in Mind is Opening Tonight | Wednesday 6-9pm | The Brick Lane Gallery | 196 Brick Lane | E1 6SA

The Five Artists are : Alex Daw (C) | Morten Andersen (A) | Peter Armstrong (E) | Ulli Hamers (D) | Michael Peterson (B)

The above links have been mildly disabled but will be restored at 9pm. Examine the five clips of art. All but one - Exhibit A - is a detail rather than full frame. Which artist is a celebrity? And for extra fun who are they? And what are they famous for? Answers to email address, no spoilers please.

ANSWER: (B) Michael Peterson is the outsider artist. Several got that.
MORE CLUES: Feted in certain East End circles, hence this booking perhaps, but famous under a "professional name" and virtually unknown by this one.

Group exhibition of emerging artists organised by and Exhibition continues to 10th September | open daily 12-6pm.

Future Art in Mind dates: October 2nd to 15th; October 30th to November 12th; November 20th to December 3rd. To take part in Art in Mind and for more information contact


Anonymous said...

Is this a trick question? threee of them look like absolute crap that a child could do.

Chris Paul said...

Which three would that be anon? I'm not sure a child would or could do any of them. Only one of them is not by someone professing to be an artist as their main occupation.

ian hislop said...


With some small modifications, Alex Daw's profile could perfectly fit you your blogger profile:

"My blog is based on life experiences. I am interested in personality and identity. My work is direct and aims to be ambiguous to the reader, avoiding the dictation of meaning. A vast amount of contemporary blogging alienates the sane reader, I aim to invite and engage all levels of hierarchy.
While absorbing the work of many contemporary bloggers and MSM sources I remain objective and critical, remaining honest which is reflected in the satire in my work. I use appropriate solutions to portray my concept, paintings, drawings and composite photographs.
I wish for people to explore, engage and interact with my work.
My projects are ambitious and challenge conventional approaches and thinking. Self motivated, hard working and eager to learn I will take on any project.
I am always asking questions of the audience as well as myself. Driven by my obsession to fulfil my dreams and notions."

Are you and Alex one and the same? We should be told.

Chris Paul said...

An interesting juxtaposition and er, thanks, Ian Hislop. Though drafting the above arts chunter is I think beyond my meagre satirical abilities. Lots of photos in my albums rather like "Jerry's Tree" my painting is largely confined to site specific pieces in "Trade White" and "Shades of Magnolia" that are conceptually often likened by critics to newly decorated "Rooms in the artist's house". Alex and I are not ready to be outed as shattered shards of the same being.