Thursday, August 30, 2007

TRENDHUNTER: Outlawing Visible Underwear Now

Exposed Underwear Ban - Atlanta Cracks Down

( The sooner Manchester have £80 on the spot fines for visible underwear the better. The world gets warmer. The problem escalates. Clamp down now. Lib Dems will talk up the menace, but vote against action. As usual. In the USA Delcambre and Opelousas, Louisiana have outlawed it; and Atlanta, Georgia and Shreveport, Louisiana are discussing the perils of plunging pants. Obviously a decent society has to draw the line somewhere and underwear is that line. It’s called underwear for a reason, goes the logic and nobody s… [More]

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tonydj said...

Sorry to disabuse you all but this story is not as simple as it looks.

This style of trouser / underwear style has gang connections and this is the reasoning for the ban.

Not that clothing would ever be banned in our fair city.....