Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogarrhoea: Purnell Accident Thankfully Close to Hospital

That's right, Tories in Guildford appear to have been caught rigging an internet poll to make a slightly 'wide' and clearly unpopular property deal appear popular. Nothing in the blogosphere or national MSM.

Meanwhile Rt Hon James Purnell MP is victim of a serious minor photoshopping accident at the local hospital and they're into blogarrhoea. Dale alone has already pooped twice. Methinks further emergency incontinence visits towards but not reaching the bathroom may yet be necessary.
WHOOPS UPDATE 23:40: Whoops, Mr Iain Dale almost made the little boys' room this time, but whoops again.

In the first post - linked to "pooped" - Iain was foolish enough to remind us of some real low down and dirty potato chopping that we, though not necessarily Iain's friend Ms Widdy, had forgotten about:

But just remember the Labour reaction to Ed Matts in Dorset at the last election when he photoshopped a photo on his election literature

Where Mr Matts hilariously changed an appeal for asylum into a dog whistle for racism. Ha ha ha. Just like being flirted into a PR photo for a major success for constituency MPs from Tameside.

Here's The Telegraph's take on events, but though they're using the MEN's photo (also above) there is no story there just yet.

The Guardian followed the Tory Dog Whistle story with readers submissions. And if I've cut and pasted the code correctly clicking Ed and Ann should open a Guardian gallery of eight submissions.

In fact you can still make your own. Sadly as Mr Purnell was not brandishing a message, later changed, Prohosting will struggle to do a number on this one.

Former: simply horrendous and culpable, crash and burn. Latter: simply not someone's finest hour, get over it.

The Lib Dems meanwhile I hear actually used to prepare pictures with MP or PPC with leader or Mimicster holding up an empty poster. Random message to be added later.

Perhaps they're still doing it? I've got a pic somewhere with an empty one downloaded from a careless Lib Dem website. But has anyone got an example used for more than one message? This one is I think one made by the candidate's own nursery aged children and beyond reproach.

Only a shame Lib Dem and Tory authorities have been voting against trams.


Yasmin Zalzala said...

Qazim Afzal was the chairman of the Manchester City Liberal Democrats while my de-selection and disapproval to stand for elections for the Liberal Democrats and eventual suspension of membership was going on.

Simon whats his last name was the party president.

Chris Paul said...

Interesting YZ.

And when there was a NW dinner in Mcr Town Hall the Manchester lot forced the unseemly solicitor QA to sit with Liverpool. Ha!

He is now battling not to have the same experience you have had. Where a quite successful BME candidate gets kicked out when the Lib Dem rats smeall blood.

Simple Simon is Simon Ashley. About to supervise the deselection of his second BME candidate in two general election campaigns.

tonydj said...

The moral of the Purcell fake photo is that local Labour polticians lied to the public and were caught out.

They treated us with contempt and we won't forget.

Chris Paul said...

Is the Tony DJ the famous supporter of the scumbag BNP? Who simultaneously can claim what a nice party they are and incite extreme violence, death and destruction?

Is that you Tone? And was it you issuing death threats against Trevor Philips of the CRE? Body floating in the Thames? That kind of thing?

Someone has made a silly mistake here. But the Great British Public will think that Tories and fascists going on about it - given for example the disgusting Ed Matts example - well they'll think you are idiots. Quite right too.

Yasmin Zalzala said...

Chris Paul,

Please refer to me by name when you mention my situation with the Liberal Democrats, please, please, thank you.

The Simon somebody I meant is the party president. Is Simon not his first name?

GW said...

Then of course there were the famous Cardiff editions of Focus with Rodney "King of the Freebies" not very carefully photoshoped into a picture of Lib-Democrap AM and MPs.

Nice try - I suppose Rodney was of on one of his "fact"- finding tours.

For my own part, preparing newsletters and election leaflets I frequently reach for "photoshop" to remove amoungst other things -

Signposts growing out of candidates ears, and telegraph polesgrowing out of heads.
Unsightly signs/advertising. Blurring car registrations etc.

I wish some of our members would look at the background as well as the subject !


Chris Paul said...

Ah Yasmin - Simon Hughes, noted.

The potato chopper in this case produced something that was blighted.

The row would have been avoided by saying in the caption - "James Purnell flirted in by half arsed technician"

tonydj said...

I don't know whether I'm famous or not, and for a Labour activist to call anyone or anything "scumbag" is pretty rich given the recent history of that party (Iraq, Afghanistan, NHS etc), but I am he.

Death Threats, perish the thought. Trevor is such a P.R. disaster for the multi-culti brigade that any Nationalist worth their salt wants him alive, well and continuing in "Foot in Mouth" mode.