Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blogger Solidarity: Let's Nail Gangsters Throwing Weight

To update this story Chicken Yogurt has an expanding list (171 at the time of writing) of Bloggers of All Creeds united against the arse who wants to take on the Arse. And take down blogs that disagree with his wicked ways. Or simply have the same webhost. Got a blog? Post, link and comment at Yogz. Join the throng.

Ellee Seymour provides this delightful picture of the oleaginous crook, stumble bum bully, and now press relations expert - the thieving Oligarch Usmanov:

You couldn't buy publicity like this! Well done Alisher my son! On me bloggerhead! Rude Buttons (ever so sorry) from Winking Walnut.
[a href=""][img width="155" alt="" src="" height="162"/][/a][img width="153" alt="" src="" height="135"/] (replace brackets with angles).

Ellee's Russglish entreaty:
Пожалуйста спросите, что ваши законоведы reinstate эти blogs, вы не имейте никакую потребность быть испугано они говорят если вы будете правдивой персоной.

LOL offer:
блогь? or блогз? = blogs? Восстанавливате? (Vosstanavlivatye) = reinstate?

Sunny Hundal swimming willingly but uphill against the MSM tide:

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UPDATE: Alisher Usmanov is feeling so very guilty and sorrowful and shot in his own foot that he is reposting Craig's articles on his own blog.

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