Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breaking News: North West Results in Left Blog 100

Iain Dale's Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs have been revealed, ahead of publication of the Guide to political blogging itself, due out tomorrow.

If we assume that Kerron Cross is NOT upping sticks and following his belle fille to Manchester (and he was certainly not in the NW for the year in question) then congratulations are in order for Tom at Newer Labour who is seventh (up from 32nd) and thus top of the NW Left Blogs as decided by Left bloggers ourselves.

I consider myself rather fortunate to be crowned highest new entry - just behind in eighth. Rupa and Will in 22nd and 27th are Manchester connected Southerners, while Skipper in 23rd is a Stopfordian Welsh exile.

Grimmer Up North (33) is a Manchester Evening News columnist inter alia and based in Calderdale, Peter Wheeler in Salford and Euston Normblog is another loosely connected to the region.

I can also spot Stephen and Michael in the top 100. If you're in the list and based in or covering the NW - or spot someone who is that I've missed from these name checks - please leave a note. The excellent Blood and Treasure is one I shouldn't have missed. Sorry.

NW UPDATE: Complex System of Pipes is originally from Stalybridge, Tameside and now relieved to be back in Manchester after tough times in rural Surrey.

Thanks to Iain Dale - he really is rather good don't you think? - for compiling this list from lefty bloggers' votes, and thanks too for the predictable petulence with which LOL's high placing is greeted. Still waiting for a correction though on Iain's serious factual error from 13:24 Sunday Saturday ...

Here's the full list:

1-- Recess Monkey
2-7 Tom Watson MP
3-1 Kerron Cross
4-2 Bob Piper
5-3 Labour Home
6-17 Bloggers 4 Labour
7-32 Newer Labour
8-- Chris Paul's Labour of Love
9-8 Dave's Part
10-35 Luke Akehurst
11-73 Fair Deal Phil
12-- Chicken Yoghurt
13-- Paul Flynn MP
14-- Bloggerheads
15-5 Antonia Bance
16-- British Bullshit Foundation
17-9 Mars Hill
18-4 Harry's Place
19-- Ministry of Truth
20-- John Angliss
21-70 Three Score Years & Ten
22--Rupa Huq
24-14 Tygerland
25-- Jag Singh
26-13 Mike Ion
27-- Parburypolitica
28-- Byrne Baby Byrne
29-19 General Theory of Rubbish
30-- Stumbling & Mumbling
31-21 Austin Mitchell MP
32-100 Snowflake 5
33--Grimmer Up North
34-42 Richard Corbett MEP
35-- Shiraz Socialist
36-30 Labour Humanatist Group
37-- Drink Soaked Trotsykite Popinjays for War
38-- Hak Mao
39-65 Jane's the One
40-10 Jon Worth Euroblog
41-61 Omar's Blog
42-76 Miranda Grell
43-29 Political Hack UK
45--Jon's Union Blog
46--Peter Wheeler
47-- Theo Blackwell
48-12 Normblog
49-- Political Penguin
50-- Johninnit
51-31 Snedds, 52-74 Stephen Newton's Diary of Sorts 53-- Blood & Treasure 54-- Geoff Sez 55-62 Brighton Regency Labour Party 56-39 Ridiculous Politics 57-23 Barry's Beef 58-- Idiots 4 Labour 59-- Some Random Thoughts 60--John's Labour Blog 61-- Bexley Young Labour 62-59 Skuds' Sister's Brother 63-50 Gauche 64-57 Pootergeek 65-- Fat Man in the Bathtub 66-- Social Europe 67-- Furber World 68-- Labour Left Forum 69-24 Leighton Andrews AM 70-- Political Futures 71-- Conor's Commentary 72-- Obsolete 73-72 Black Triangle 74--Five Chinese Crackers 75-81 Baggage Reclaim 76-- Tales from the Sports & Social 77-- Stroppy Blog 78-- Stuart Bruce 79-- Cloud in Trousers 80-- Gordon's Gofer 81-- Random Pottins 82-- Wongablog 83-- Yorkshire Ranter 84-- Book Drunk 85-- Citizen Andreas 86-- Labour and Capital 87-- Michael Meacher MP 88-- Complex System of Pipes 89-- A Big Stick & Small Carrot 90-- Mike's Little Red Page 91-- Potlatch 92-- Unoriginal Name 38 93-- People's Commissar of Enlightenment 94-93 Rhod on Public Affairs 95-- Sharp Side 96-80 Gareth Griffiths 97-- Never Trust a Hippy 98-- Some Day I Will Treat You Good 99-64 Could have been a contender 100-- Darlington Councillor


Dave said...

This is blogger no. 88 (Complex System Of Pipes) speaking: although I spent most of the year as an internal economic migrant in Surrey, I grew up in Stalybridge and have recently moved back up to Manchester. NW enough?

Chris Paul said...

Certainly. Stalybridge to Manchester via Surrey certainly is NW enough.