Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chris Paul: My Big Secret is Out 1, Fossils Book

You can run but you cannot hide. Thanks to the detective work of fellow entrepreneur Ian Barrett one of my many dark secrets is out.

Ian is registered number 0185 in IMCA - The International Meteorite Collectors Association (who should surely have gone Meterorite International Collectors Association?) - and as it goes he's rather sadly interested in fossils.

And so he's found one of my learned books on eBay.

As I recall this was deadly boring to write. I guarantee that it will be deadly boring to read. If however you should win the auction and become the proud possessor etc then I'll gladly autograph the item. Completely free and gratis too.

This is some of Ian's 99% pure silver jewellery. Featuring some REAL Nantan meteorite. As opposed to resin imitations presumably? Anyway, Mr Barrett is a fellow Chorltonian here in Manchester.

So, despite his spilling the beans LOL say:

Fly Thee to the Moon
Play Among the Stars
Get Yourself a Meteor, Right
From Jupiter or Mars ...

WARNING: Order early for Christmas. Some of this stuff takes millions of years to make.

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