Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iain Dale: Carelessly Smearing Labour Bloggers

In the course of his story Labour Blogger Found Guilty of 'Paedo' Smear Iain Dale's Diary suggests that three named Labour Bloggers have not covered the verdict in the Miranda Grell case.

I had covered it THIRTEEN HOURS and TWENTY FOUR minutes earlier. At midnight Friday going on Saturday. Soon after finding an anonymous comment on Iain's blog in fact. Using exactly the same words as Mark Pack's story at LDV.

There is more to come on this case. And I think the reporting has been diabolical. And it was so easy to check. Stick Grell in one of the search boxes on the blog, hit return, find you are mistaken.

Let's have an apology this time Iain. No excuses. Just apologise.

UPDATE: Sunday 11:10. Meanwhile on the substantive matter. Have finally found some proper court reporting. Will give this a new post.


Luke Akehurst said...

No doubt about it. You beat me to the story. But that's because I was a bit shy about admitting my affair. Still, it's all out in the open now.

Chris Paul said...

Excellent, can't wait to read all about it Luke. Regards to the family. Must be a wrench leaving them at home for conference.

Manfarang said...

Since Grell admitted making false statements to the police I fail to see why she would appeal the verdict.

Chris Paul said...

Possibly because she is not in court over whether she got something wrong in a statement to police.

She is in over whether she said someone was a paedophile. And whether in doing so she influenced an election result or wished to.

At the next level her openness in court on certain points (outing and age mistake) will be in her favour I think.