Monday, September 17, 2007

Libdemologists: Doublespeak on the Lunatic Fringe

CODED MESSAGES: It's Tuesday 18 September, 1pm in Lancing 3 at the Holiday Inn ... and it's apparently really about flooding your campaign literature with fibs, dishonesty and exaggeration. Then you can simply swan into Westminster.


Ellee said...

Hi Chris,

Belated thanks for your recent comments. I had a new computer set up at the weekend and, due to all the changes, I cannot access the Admin site on my blog to add your link. The friend who sees to this stuff for me is away for September, but as soon as he is back, I will get it sorted and add your link. Do remind me as well.

I haven't even got the software to write new posts at the moment, I am trying to get that sorted today.

Chris Paul said...

Good luck with all that Ellee. Oh to have a new computer though my Macs continue to offer sterling service.

Anonymous said...

What are you on about? Clearly the Houses of Parliament could still be there in 1 million years when sea levels return to their previous high and a Channel Swim becomes a task not lightly undertaken.

Then again in 25 years we'll be fearing the big freeze and planning on rambling holidays to take in a few ship wrecks between Kent and Normandy.