Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Libdemologists: Kennedy Wipes Floor With All Comers

Better than Ming on Newsnight. Also probably better than Huhne and Clegg to be honest. He had a point that neither of them managed which was the international aspect of our C21st British politics. And although the question wasn't put to him he was better on cross party working (or "coaliting") because he realises that it is the people served that matter more than the party.

Yes, Charles Kennedy - despite the ruddy complexion and the doubts this may distill - could well be a more formidable leader than the incumbent or any of the identified challengers.

Another friend of mine of a ca Ron Hill era is a Surrey-based Scot who regularly travelled on the same flights as Charlie. Formidably discrete, as a fellow tippler, about CK's drinking excesses he was clear about the problem.

CK was too parochial and small town by far. Not metropolitan. Not hardened up. That's about right. But the electorate may like their Liberals soft as sugar. So beware the return of Charles Kennedy (link to LDV You Tube).

ASIDE: Does anyone else notice that Nicholas Clegg has the public school vocal ticks and expressions of a David Cameron? With Chrissy Huhne having the air of the more Grammarly Billy Hague?

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