Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Libdemologists: Leadership Contenders Glib on Camera

LOL are not sure why anyone would want to watch Lib Dem Voice's recording of paint drivelling, I mean drying, when there is live paint drivelling on their telly. But here goes:

What do Lib Dems stand for?:

Huhne - the old list of three principle. Freedom, fairness, greenery. Things which other parties are thankfully against. Helping Lib Dems make their mark as a distinct and worthwhile project.

Clegg - very polished 60-second "elevator pitch". This being the sales pitch one might make if travelling in a lift with a "mark" for one minute. Or just a way of getting to the next level of Snake Oil Sales. His is all about freedom. Fairness and greenery can take a hike.

Who should the Lib Dems coalite* with:

Huhne - silly question. But the Tories and Labour are coaliting* merrily.

Cleggy - complete evasion. For the people to decide.

Can't wait for today's instalment: Are you an Orange Booker? and Do you want to be Lib Dem leader? Prediction: Both will say "not really" to both questions.

* "Co-a-lite": v.i. to make a coalition. No smoke without fire.

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