Friday, September 28, 2007

Libdemologists: No Legal Aid to Expose Manchester Withington Shenanigans Against Yasmin Zalzala

The Lib Dems appear to be very pleased about this decision.

LOL will soon collate some of the highlights of the evidence and admissions given by Manchester Withington Lib Dems.

Yasmin has been posting comments on the matter conveying each interview.

Many of the witnesses are serving councillors.

One is an MP. The MP that bumped Yasmin out of what turned out to be a winnable seat. If that is you are prepared to uses hoaxes and overspending. I'm not sure Yasmin would have done either.

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Editorial Comment said...

Yasmin should try the Fawcett Society and the like. Whatever the legalities and whether Dr Zalzala would have been de-selected anyway the analysis that this had to happen because she was a woman and a muslim and a refugee was appalling. The Lib Dem behaviour was appalling. The people of Manchester are not generally racist and if they show signs of it it is for a responsible political party to lead them away from these views not pander to them.