Friday, September 14, 2007

Mini-Me Monkey: Backing Bilgey "BBC Bias" Barnpots

Under the throroughly appropriate blog title "Bias" Iain Dale's Mini-Me Monkey Shane Greer has had the nod from the Organ Grinder and fallen for some Biased-BBC bilge which claims that a simple account of something on the BBC Newsround website is an example of BBC bias.

Several anonymous but righteous dudes have told Shane, Iain and the Biased BBC bilgers that they are wrong. Fair enough. But I'm prepared to say "where's the bias" and sign my own name. In a personal capacity. And I will go further.

Newsround might also add:

"The USA and allies also continue to pursue the Might Makes Right meme under which - if you cannot get your own way, reasonable or otherwise, by negotiation and non-violence - then it is OK to use massive military force preemptively."

"The USA taught Osama Bin Laden everything he knows in a war of "resistance" and "liberation" against Russia who were then their cold war love rivals and had tried to occupy and pacify a strategic buffer state rich in natural resources."

"That was in Afghanistan where this way of solving problems is as old as the hills and has been proven time after time to be utterly unsuccessful and morally bankrupt. The servant turning on the master in international affairs is a fairly regular and predictable outcome and is sometimes termed Blow Back."

"When a bully uses Might Makes Right in the playground we stop them and tell them to play nice. When a Mom or Pop uses it at home we call it child abuse or domestic violence."

"All they are teaching their kids is that when they are bigger they too can hit people to get their way."

"Whoever throws or drops or carries the bombs peoples bodies are ripped up in exactly the same way. People all round the world use violence far too much to try to get their way. It usually ends in tears and just makes things worse."

"There was no connection between 9-11 and Iraq in 2001 but now sadly there is."

"Children - do try not to grow up like the Twin Terrors [(c) New Internationalist] Osama Bin Laden and George Dubya Bush."

"Both are insane."

Lib Dem blogger Gavin Whenman aka The Whiskey Priest has also done the decent thing, pointing out that the BBC explanation is a precis of something on a United States Government website.

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Arf arf! said...

...but the BBC didn't think that Shane, Iain or the Biased BBC bilgers were wrong though.

Here's to commonsense and reason...