Friday, September 14, 2007

Park Life: Marie Louise Gardens Fact File 1 to 5

Here are five facts about the proposals for Marie Louise Gardens which the Lib Dems and the out of area West Didsbury Residents Association don't want anyone to know about:

1. Proposals for the site, including the detailed design, have the approval of the Didsbury Civic Society and have been subject of close scrutiny and amendment following input from their expert panel.

2. Proposals have the approval of the local Residents Association which is Holme Road RA. They live adjacent to the site.

3. Proposals have the approval of Manchester City Council's planning panel and Cllr Mark Clayton made written representations with suggestions for minor alterations and accepting the proposal because of the huge benefit of the receipts on the Gardens.

4. The Charity Commission have given the scheme their blessing confirming that there is no restrictive covenant preventing the proposal going ahead.

5. All prior transactions and proposed transactions have already had full legal approval from Susan Orrell, the City Solicitor after a robust and rigorous process.

At least four or five further lists of relevants facts will follow.


Anonymous said...

Clayton actually supported rather than just accepted the proposals. And he is thick asa thieves wit local property developers. Even declares a couple of dozen properties owned by his bessie mates in the register of members' interest

Chris Paul said...

Yes, I do have the list of all those properties. I will come back to exactly what he said in his representation. But fair's fair - we can be even if they won't be - he said something about supporting/accepting the proposal because of the investment in the park and not otherwise.

This is a bit of a facile point as the investment is there and making any comment on whether he might have supported it without is silly.

The existence of a payment to the authority when the latest land sale goes ahead is not as far as I know a planning matter.

According to his own war stories repeated down the sometimes reliable Lib Dem grapevine (which does serve as a bit of a warning as they are all fibbers of course!) he was leaning on the owner and suggesting dire consequences.