Thursday, September 20, 2007

Payola: Getting Paid to Blog About Hotel Reservations?

There's a thought. Stick something on LOL for pay? Give it a whirl. After all in Political Conference Season finding a decent hotel at an affordable rate can be difficult and time consuming.

Only a couple of days ago we were warned that Liverpool was almost sold out hotel-wise for the weekend of the Lib Dem Spring Conference 7-9 March 2008. Our informants those Lib Dems, who famously do get things wrong from time to time ... so let's give this Hotel Reservations service the once over.

With a passable interface and a much much quicker server than most of these things the site finds me hotel options for all budgets. From a triple room on the Albert Dock for just £49 a night, through the Lord Nelson at £73 for a twin with full english breakfast - 200 yards from Lime Street and two miles from the Albert Dock, how's that work then? - to the Marriott at £120 and beyond.

Plenty of hotel options still available. Now there's a surprise ... those Libdemologists are completely wrong, again! And they supposedly run Liverpool?

Of course for Labour at Bournemouth next week even the most sophisticated service could be stumped. But no, what's this? the Tower House Hotel in Westcliff Gardens a snip at just £534 per night for a double. You get full english thrown in naturally.

And what's more it's looking rather like Fawlty Towers!

More civilised by far is The Dorchester (est 1756) a mere 29 miles away. But with four nights and a lot more class for the price of one night at the Tower House ... in fact you can have buses in the mornings and taxis at midnight there from your change.

Next week but one in Blackpool, for Cameron's Tories-all-at-sea, also offers an excellent range and good availability considering the time proximity. The Tariff at the Norbreck Castle Hotel shows what a ramp conference prices are. £128 on Tuesday, just £43 on Wednesday.

The best deal in a few minutes smart searching is the Tickled Trout near the Motorway on the outskirts of Preston - 10 miles away. Good availability on twin rooms from £69. Once again full english. And enough saving on equivalent promenade hotels for taxis both ways. Limo and uniformed chauffeur even.

All in all Hotel Reservations provides a user friendly service, has freephone numbers in all territories or online booking, chucks up some real bargains and a few turkeys, and once again proves the Lib Dems inaccurate in the extreme. Can't be bad. I'd have written this without being paid $1 a minute. That's cool too.

Why not get paid per post too?

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