Friday, September 07, 2007

Rugby World Cup: Les Bleus 12 Los Pumas 17

Not an entirely expected outcome as the hosts crash in match one - already history has been made.

Have linked to the BBC coverage rather than ITV whose coverage was fair to middling and must surely improve. Heard the first half on Five Live which was better. I noticed that summariser Mr Matt Dawson carries a specific schoolboy sense of humour. Funny how these things persist.


Iain Lindley said...

I have no interest in the rugby Chris, but as you showed such touching concern you'll be glad to know that I'm back blogging again at :)

Chris Paul said...

Yes, I did notice that at the top of the snippets bit at Conservative Home mid afternoon. Will reinstate the link and resume keeping an eye on you.

The Blues will probably get through the group stages despite this result.